About Us

  About the Owner  (Laura Gillians)

  I founded All In Recreation in 2017 when I saw an     opportunity to take my   passion for play and   recreation to a   wider audience. All In Recreation,   encompasses the importance of   providing   recreation for all ages and all abilities.

With a Degree in Psychology from the University of Waterloo with a focus on children with Autism, I always approached play from an inclusive and accessible perspective.  It wasn’t until my grandfather moved into a Long Term Care facility and started experiencing dementia that I discovered the lack of age-appropriate, sensory rich products for our aging population.  I would take my young children to visit their Great-Grandfather and there was nothing for them to do, no way to interact with their loved one. With this thought in mind, Accessible Art.ca (formerly Alli Art Boards) were created.  I am so excited to continue to expand the line of inclusive, intergenerational, independent products for All Ages and All Abilities! 



About All In Recreation

All In Recreation is dedicated to providing unique recreational products and meaningful activities for people of all ages and abilities.

We proudly provide products for Long Term Care and Senior Care residences, Older Adult Centres, Associations for Disabled Living,  Special Education Settings, Schools, Community Centres and places  where people seek meaningful engagement.

In a cluttered marketplace, we strive to provide simple, Canadian made, quality products to enhance the lives of our customers and yours.