A Look at the Therapeutic Effects of Colouring for Seniors

Research performed by the Canadian Art Therapy Association says that adults who engage in the practice of therapeutic colouring experience feelings of decreased stress, have more confidence, and enjoy an overall greater sense of calm and serenity

These emotional and psychological benefits are rooted in the physiological changes that occur when an individual is lost in a world of peaceful landscapes, architecture, mandalas, and other engaging subjects that adult colouring provides. 

Inspired and Stimulated Minds 

Focusing the mind on a simple, calming activity such as colouring has the power to enhance brain activity, encourage positive thinking, and even foster improved social skills. These effects are particularly beneficial for seniors in memory care.

Creative Expression 

We all need to be expressive and to exercise our imaginations. Colouring provides seniors the opportunity to be creative and to let their inner child sing once again.


Better Concentration and Focus

It has been shown that colour therapy can enhance the mind's ability to focus and can strengthen concentration. 

A Boost in Self- Confidence 

Colouring therapy rehabilitation also serves to reduce feelings of insecurity and anxiety. This is because it quiets the mind, reducing the negative self-talk that can cause seniors to feel uncomfortable about themselves. 

Decreased Stress 

Therapeutic colouring helps the mind to focus on the moment, thereby promoting mindfulness. It has been proven to reduce stress as well as anxiety and feelings of hopelessness. 

Greater Dexterity 

Colouring is an excellent activity for enhancing dexterity. It offers seniors who often have problems with motor impairment, a way to be creative. 

Therapeutic Colouring is an Ideal Winter Activity 

Lacking adequate sunlight exposure, seniors becomes vulnerable to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as well as Sundowner's Syndrome. Therapeutic colouring gives seniors a constructive, enjoyable solution to help ease the winter blues and to embrace this season with a sense of inner peace and comfort.